ADuM4472 isolation performance for IEC 60601-1

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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i got a question from my customer about the isolation voltage of  the ADuM4472,
according to the data sheet I would answer with "yes", but i'm not sure about
the IEC 60601-1 including Amendment 1, so just see the question :

"we are planning to use the ADuM4472, combined with a Halo Transformer
TGRAD-560V8LF, application is an isolation for a customer specific development.
Requirement for the isolation:

-  Insulation meeting 2 MOPP for a working voltage of 250V at heights of up to
6000m ASL. Requirements of IEC 60601-1 including Amendment 1 shall be met for
patient separation.”

Could you please advise ?


According to the IEC 60601-1 standard for 250V at heights of 6000m ADuM447x has
a derating for clearance to increase from 5mm reinforced to 7.4mm which our
part has. The Halo transformer meets EN 60950 for 300V and has lots of creepage
with > 11mm between primary and secondary pins. The Amendment 1 is about a
figure 12 measuring device for leakage current and does not refer to our
isolation requirements.