ADUM3230 at low frequency

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Regarding the ADUM3223 we need to use it with a 1 Hz to 20 HKz input signal
frequency. The output is a half bridge mosfet. The datasheet specify curves
between 200kHz and 1Mhz, but not lower frequencies , what is the behavior of
the ADuM3223CRZ? Can this device be use with a dc signal ?


The ADuM3223 can be used from DC to 200kHz without a problem. For low
frequencies or in the absence of any input pulses, the ADuM3223 has a refresh
circuit that will send internal pulses across the transformer at a 1.2MHz
frequency, to keep the output state the same as the input state. In figure 7 &
8 of the datasheet the curves start at 100kHz to keep the values from going off
the vertical scale.