ADuM3160 USB speed and compatibility

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I am currently working on a design which integrates an isolated USB-Hub. For
the isolating, I am planing to use the ADuM3160BRWZ.
But now I am completely confused about the USB speed and compatibility.
The datasheets states the following:
- USB 2.0 compatible
- Low and full speed data rate: 1.5Mpbs and 12Mbps

So isn't USB2.0 actually called Hi-Speed and  provides 480Mps?

Where am I wrong?


USB2.0 supports Low, Full and High speed. However you do not have to support
High speed to be USB2.0 compliant. You just need to handle the request
properly, on other words reject the high speed chirp with grace.

Our part meets the requirements to work in USB2.0 systems, while supporting Low
(1.5Mbps) and Full (12Mbps) speed data transfers. We are working on 480Mbps,
but we are looking at a year out.
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