ADuM for >2kV voltage

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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we would like to use Your “Digital Isolators” (ADuM...) in our applications.
But we have an operating input/output-voltage difference of more than 2KV,
which is not supported by the “Digital Isolators”. Will You have such parts in
the near future?


The answer here depends on the nature of the 2KV that you have across your
If it is a transient, then the iCoupler products ARE suitable as they are rated
to 5KV 1minute transients.  However, if 2KV represents the steady-state voltage
across the barrier, the iCoupler products are NOT suitable. 
A 2KV steady-state voltage across the barrier is VERY unusual.  Most isolation
applications have steady-state (or working voltages) under 400Vrms and at most
about 800 Vrms.  We do plan to increase our insulation rating but will never
have products that can support 2KVrms on a steady-state basis.  I do not even
know of any optocouplers that support this.