ADuM2400 input current test

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We use an ADUM2400 with the power supply of 3.3 V
In our ICT Tester we had a stimulation mistake and stimulated the Input with a
signal level of 4 V DC
We know there is a free wheel diode between the input pin and  VCC.
The output impedance of the signal generator is 100 Ohm.
The output current is max 30 mA.
A small LTSpice simulation with this values result with an current of 1 mA
through the internal free wheel diode.
Is this correct ?
Can we destroy the chip with this stimulation ?
Did we reduce the fit rate of the chip ?
Should we change the Chips ?


See below the results for no series resistance and 100 ohms. The current
applied during ICT with 4 V applied should be below 1 mA so I wouldn’t expect
any permanent damage to the devices.