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Is it possible to use ADuM1400 in IGBT transistors gate control in asynchronous
induction motor control circuit? Will the ADuM have tolerance to EMI?


The ADuM1400 can indeed be used from an EMI point of view.  I think the
customer would find them superior to optocouplers if the concern is common-mode
transients.  However, there are a few other points to consider. 

(1)  All four outputs of the ADuM1400 share the same ground reference.  My
understanding of the customer's application is that typically each IGBT needs
to be isolated from each other.  Therefore, it seems to me that a
single-channel isolator is required  - no?

(2)  One needs also to consider the maximum working voltage.  The ADuM1400
maximum working voltage is 400Vrms.  Many motor control applications have
higher working voltages.  If this application's maximum working voltage (the
long-term steady-state voltage the isolator will see across it's barrier) is
greater than 400Vrms, than I'm afraid our part is not suitable.