ADuM: Internal overvoltage protection

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I want to use the ADUM1400 device with 5V / 3,3V supply. To protect the device
from too high input voltages, we wonder if the ADUM1400 (and other ADUM's) has
internal clamping diodes for this purpose ?


The ADuM1400 has ESD diodes to help prevent damages from ESD events, but if you
want a part with more robust response to ESD and power supply transients I
would recommend the ADuM3400 with increased capability to system level IEC
61000-4-x testing (ESD/burst/surge).  The precise capability in these tests for
either ADuM140x or ADuM3400 is strongly determined by the design and layout of
the users board or module. For more information, see the AN-793 application
note, ESD/Latch-up Considerations with iCoupler Isolation Products.