ADuM iCouplers immunity to magnetic fields

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I would like to know more about the iCouplers immunity to magnetic fields


The magnetic immunity is described at length in many of the ADuM datasheets for
example ADuM2401 pages 20 and 21.  Magnetic fields can affect the performance
of the AduM but it is  unlikely to be an issue in most applications. The loop
area of the inductor used is incredibly small and the distance between the
coils is also very small. For example, a magnetic field of 100kHz of strength
2kGauss would not be enough to false trigger the receiving coil. The datasheet
for the ADuM2401 does some extensive analysis and curves are shown for magnetic
field strength vs. frequency (see Fig. 19). If you are concerned about the
presence of any magnetic fields, you should find the high frequency components
of magnetic field present along with the flux density at the iCoupler location
and verify that it is below the interference limit as shown in the data sheet.

(See also iCoupler FAQ on iCoupler homepage. )