ADuM1250:  tips to reduce power consumtion in a battery application.

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I want to use  the  ADUM1250/51 in a  battery application. Are  there  some 
tips  to decrease  the  power in this type of application?


The ADuM1250 consumes a certain amount of power when idle, and that can only be
effected by removing power from the Vdd pins. Power can be lowered by choices
in how the bus is operated. The bulk of the power is consumed by driving the
bus capacitance.  The higher the capacitance, and the higher the speed
required, the lower the required values for the pull-up resistors and the
higher the static and dynamic current consumed.
To minimize power:
1) Make the I2C bus as short as possible with the minimum number of nodes to
lower the capacitance.
2) Run the bus as slowly as possible.
3) Make the pull-up resistors as large as possible, this will depend on what is
achieved in 1 and 2.