ADuM1201 jitter

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One customer would like to transmit the 100Hz clock by isolated RS-485. They
need less than 100 ns jitter for this 100Hz clock. I suggest 2 solutions for
them. The first one is ADuM2483, the second one is ADuM1201 + RS-485
transceiver (ADM483E for example). Because they insert a lot on the clock
jitter after these transmission loops, the jitter caused by the RS-485/Isolater
will be very important. But I don't find the spec about the jitter added to
this 100Hz clock from any of these two parts datasheets.
Would you please suggest which parameter of the iCoupler will effect on the
jitter added by ADuM1201? Or can we calculate the jitter by any of the
parameters in the datasheet?


While jitter is not a specification (as it would be very difficult/expensive to
test in production) we have perform characterization measurements in the lab. 
The jitter we measured is less than 50 ps - much less that the 100 ns that the
customer is seeking.