ADuM1100: Overvoltage when the output is shorted out

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I am using magnetic isolators in an isolated gate drive circuit which is
typically operated at around 20kv/µs.

The data sheet for ADuM1100 says this is OK.

However there is a strong possibility the output will be shorted out in which
case the common mode dv/dt of the isolator is around 300kv/µs.
Under these conditions I do not care if the output logic is in an indeterminate
state, but I would like to know whether a dv/dt of 300kv/µs will destroy the
isolator or not.


The absolute maximum ratings state that any common mode voltage gradient >
+/-100kV/s may cause damage to the part. Therefore if  your application expeses
the part to common mode voltage gradients in excess of +/-100kV/s then the part
risks being damaged and the long term reliability of the part may be affected.