ADV7441A Design Support Files

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Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7441A.


You can download zipped file collections.


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ADV7441A Product PageLink to Product Information Web Page
ADV7441A DatasheetLink to Product Shortform Datasheet

ADV7441A_HW_RevJ.pdfHardware Design Manual
ADV7441A_SW_RevD.pdfSoftware Design Manual

ADV7441A_AD9388A_Setting_Recomendations_RevM.pdfRegister setting recommendations for various operating modes
ADV7441A-AD9388A_Layout_Recommendations_RevA.pdfLayout considerations for the ADV7441A
ADV7441A_Rev0.1.ibsIBIS models of the ADV7441A I/O
ADV7441A EDID_Rev0.pdfDesign considerations for the ADV7441A Internal EDID
ADV7441A_AD9388A_Investigation_Procedure_For_Audio_Issues_6_2_09.pdfSuggestions for investigating audio issues


Description of the ADV7441A/ADV9388A Evaluation Platform (requires ATV Motherboard)

ADV7441A_FrontEndBoard_QuickStart_Guide_Rev0.pdfEvaluation Platform QuickStart Guide
ADV7441A_Eval_Note_RevA.pdfEvaluation Platform Operating Manual
ADV7441A_ADV7441A@_ADV7441AVDP_ADV7441AHDMI_ADV7341-VER.MB2.0.TXTScripts for the ATV Motherboard with Firmware 47.3 and Rev.B (AD9889B Output Module)
ADV7441A_ADV7441A@_ADV7441AVDP_ADV7441AHDMI_ADV7341-VER.MB3.0.TXTScripts for the ATV Motherboard with Firmware 50.3 and Rev.E (ADV7511 Output Module)
AD9388A_ADV7441A_Front_End_Evaluation_Board_Rev.A_Layout.pdfEvaluation Board Layout
AD9388A_ADV7441A_Front_End_Evaluation_Board_Rev.A_Schematics.pdfEvaluation Board Schematics
AD9388A_ADV7441A Front End Evaluation Board - Rev. A - Gerber Files.zipGerber files for ADV7441A Evaluation Board (revA)    ZIP file of the documents above
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