ADUC8xx:  Timing for access to the data Flash/EE space and use of NOP instructions

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Do I have to enter “NOP” instructions to wait for the Flash/EE erase and
program times to
elapse before performing the next data Flash/EE operation?


Absolutely not. All timing for access to the data Flash/EE space is taken care
of for you in
hardware. When you perform a Flash/EE erase or program command, the MCU core
will not
move on to the next machine cycle until the Flash/EE operation is complete.
Effectively this means
that a Flash/EE erase or program command will only take one machine cycle, but
that this machine
cycle is stretched out over a 250μs ! 20ms period. Refer to flash/EE memory
timings in the
appropriate datasheet for details of the various flash/EE memory program and
erase times.