ADV7604 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7604.



    ADV7604 Product PageLink to Product Page
    ADV7604 DatasheetLink to Product Page (attached below)
    ADV7604_HW_RevF.pdfADV7604 Hardware Manual
    ADV7604_SW_RevF.pdfADV7604 Software Manual
    ADV7604_Rev_SpC.pdfADV7604 Data Sheet

    ADDITIONAL SUPPORT (attached below)
    ADV7604_RecommendedSettings_Rev2.5.pdfRecommended Register Settings for various operating modes
    ADV7604_Autographics_RevPrA.pdfConfiguring Component Processor for nonstandard modes
    HDMI_RX_PowerSupplies_RevA_050411.pdfPCB Layout and Power Supply Design Recommendations
    ADV7604-output-pixel-port-mapping-revH.XLSADV7604 Pixel Port mapping spreadsheet tool

    IBIS (attached below)
    ADV7604_Rev0.1.ibsIBIS models of the ADV7604 I/O

    EVALUATION BOARD SUPPORT(files attached below)

    ADV7604 Eval Board User Guide

    Board Requires ATV Motherboard



    Scriptfile for ADV7604 Eval Board & ATV Motherboard

    - provides useful setup examples

    EVAL-ADV7604EB1Z_RevC_schematic.pdfEVAL-ADV7604EB1Z Rev.C schematic pdf
    EVAL-ADV7604EB1Z_RevC_layout.pdfEVAL-ADV7604EB1Z Rev.C schematic pdf
    EVAL-ADV7604EB1Z_RevC_bom.xlsEVAL-ADV7604EB1Z Rev.C bill of materials
    EVAL-ADV7604EB1Z_RevC_gerbers.zipEVAL-ADV7604EB1Z Rev.C evaluation board gerber files