ADUC834: What is lowest power consumption configuration for 10 hour sample conversion intervals?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I just want to initiate a sample conversion every 10 hours, what is my lowest
consumption configuration in this mode?


The ADuC834 can be programmed into power down mode by setting PCON.1. This
powers the
whole chip down into a low power mode. The Time Interval Counter (TIC) on the
ADuC834 is the
only peripheral which can remain powered up while the chip is powered down. The
TIC allows
you to wake the chip up from powerdown mode every particular interval.
Therefore if you only wish to initiate a sample conversion every 10 hours the
chip can be left in
power down mode for the 10 hours. Once the 10 hours has elapsed the chip will
wake itself up
allowing you to perform an ADC conversion, wait for the result, and the go back
to power down
mode. In this mode the average current will typically be about 8uA for a 3V