ADuC7060 Product life cycle

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Could You help me and officially reply Your statement to my customer question.

Our customer should commit production - "Product life cycle - 10 years" AT ARM
web page they found:  Note: The ARM7 processor family (ARM7TDMI(S) and
ARM7EJ-S) is not recommended for new designs.
Your page show the ADUC7060BSTZ32 as in production WO any PCN notes related to
Could You reply to me how long You plan to keep ADUC7060BSTZ32 in production.


The comment on the ARM website about not recommending new designs with the ARM7
cores relates to ARM encouraging semiconductor companies to use the Cortex
series for new developments instead of ARM7.
This comment has nothing to do with ADI's product life cycle for our existing
ARM7 devices in the ADuC7xxx family.
In fact, the ADuC7xxx series are still ramping up so, ADI have no intention of
phasing out the ARM7 based ADuC7xxx in the future.

It is true that future new designs are more likely to be based on Cortex cores
but, this will not affect the Product life-time of the ADuC7xxx series.

The lifetime of typical industrial products is 15+ years or more so these
product are still in their relative infancy. Revenue for this product and the
family of ADuC7xxx parts is still growing and margins are still good.

So these products are not at risk from obsolescence. Although we can't provide
any guarantee, I hope the above reassures you.