Max baudrate on ADuC7060

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We are evaluating the ADUC7060 and we need to know if this can handle BAUD
rates above 115200? We have tried setting the following to achieve 230400

DL = 0x1 
N = 796 

... but it does not work: we stripped down the code to run the TX on an
interrupt just outputting one
character consecutively. At 115200 it was OK. when scoping the TX pin, I was
not able to detect transmitting characters when setting N=796, DL=1 to try and
achieve a BAUD rate of 230400. Ideally we would like to run at 921600 / 1152000

Following the datasheet RevB. Page79 gives the equation to work out the N and
DL value. I see the DL value “tunes” the BAUD rate generator but setting this N
value to 1 and setting DL to 1 gives a BAUD rate of 319843BAUD. So is this the
Maximum BAUD rate achievable running from a 10MHz clock?


The attached file works at 230k BAUD when testing on EVAL-ADuC7060QSPZ.

Also tried in polled mode and it worked fine.
As well in polled mode we got it working at 320k baud, by writing
COMDIV0 = 0x1;
COMDIV1 = 0x00;

And not writing to COMDIV2

Did not try RX mode as you only reported issues with TX mode.