ADUC7026: Serial

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Download to the eval board is ok, trouble is with my board. Pulling down P0.0
and power-cycling does not enter the programming mode but starts
(preprogrammed) application. Reserved vector is 0x00000000 in this case.
Writing 0xFFFFFFFF to the reserved vector 0x80014 enters (I2C?) programming
mode but does not honor the RS-232 ping. RS-232 connection is o.k and used in
the application. Is there an other condition that must be considered to get the
serial download running?


1)    To enter Serial download mode, the external Reset pin must be toggled
when P0.0 his held low. Power cycling with P0.0 low will not force the part
into Serial download mode. It's the falling edge of the external reset with
P0.0 low that places the part into download mode.

2)    The I2C download protocol that  you mention is not relevant with our
evaluation boards. Our parts are shipped with one of two Kernels. The standard
Kernel that is programmed on all our evaluation board parts is the Serial
download based kernel. The only sequence this part needs to enter download mode
are the steps mentioned in point 1.