benchmarks for the TigerSHARC ADSP-TS201 Processor

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Do you have some figures showing how fast the ADSP-TS201 TigerSHARC Processor
can perform various kinds of FFTs, Filters, etc.?


All available TigerSHARC benchmarks can be found here:

In addition to this, there are several EE-notes available, which provide cycle
counts on the different FFTs and filters (FIR and IIR), that you may share with
the customer. They can all be found here: Here are the
relevant notes:

EE-263: Parallel Implementation of Fixed-Point FFTs on TigerSHARC Processors
EE-218: Writing Efficient Floating-Point FFTs for ADSP-TS201 TigerSHARC
EE-215: A 16-bit IIR Filter on the ADSP-TS20x TigerSHARC Processor
EE-211: 16-bit FIR Filters on ADSP-TS20x TigerSHARC Processors