junction temperature on the ADSP-TS101 TigerSHARC Processor

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What is the maximum junction temperature on the ADSP-TS101 TigerSHARC


The maximum case temperature (Tcase) for the ADSP-TS101 is 85C as shown in the
datasheet. In regards to the maximum junction temperature, this can be
calculated as follows:

Maximum power consumed by the core and I/O Calculation:
PD = Pint + Pext (Watts)

Maximum Case Temp Calculation:
Tcase (max) = Tambient + (PD * thetaCA)

As already stated, the value for Tcase (max) should be less than or equal to
85C (as defined in the data sheet).


- Tambient is the air temperature in contact with the package of the device
- thetaCA is the case-to-ambient thermal resistance of the DSP package
- PD is the maximum total power consumed by the DSP (core and I/O)

Maximum Junction Temp Calculation:
Tjunction = Tcase (max) + (PD * thetaJC)


- Tjunction is the junction temperature of the DSP
- Tcase is the maximum value for the case temperature of the DSP (should not
exceed 85C)
- thetaJC is the junction-to-case thermal resistance of the DSP

So depending on the airflow over the device and the package type (19x19mm or
27x27mm) you can use the above equations to determine Tjunction max for your
device in the system.