Difference between SHARED_MEMORY{} and COMMON_MEMORY{} section commands

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What is the difference between SHARED_MEMORY{} and a COMMON_MEMORY{} ldf
command?. Can you describe specific application scenarios where they can be


You can use both the SHARED_MEMORY{} or COMMON_MEMORY{} commands based on your
requirements. Basically, the main difference
between the COMMON_MEMORY{} and SHARED_MEMORY{} is that objects defined in
COMMON_MEMORY can reference objects private to each core which is not possible
with SHARED_MEMORY{} command.

As an example scenario, consider that you need to share only have data objects.
you would be fine by just using the SHARED_MEMORY{} but if there is a code
section say a function that is to be shared between two cores and it references
data objects internal to each core then you would have to use the
COMMON_MEMORY{} section.

Use VisualDSP++ Help and search
COMMAND_MEMORY{} and SHARED_MEMORY{} for more details on these two commands.

For more information on multiprocessing and building applications on BF561
refer to the appendix (Programming Dual-Core Blackfin Processors) of the
Compiler manual
645_Blackfin_comp_man.pdf) for more information.