BF537 supporting 8MB of FLASH?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Can you tell me how it is possible that the  BlueTechnix TCM-BF537 supports 8MB
of FLASH. Referring to the HW manual I  believe it only supports 4x 1MB Banks.



8MByte Flash devices are not directly supported, but can be interfaced to
Blackfin using GPIO pins on the upper address bits as page selects for higher
density devices. If you refer to the " TCM-BF537_HardwareUserManual_V1.1.pdf "
(under the same link below), you'll see how Bluetechnix have done it.
Basically, they've used the processor pins PF4 and PF5 for flash addressing on
the Core Module:

5.6 Flash Memory Extension PINS
5.6.1 PINS FA20 and FA21
These pins are the Address lines A20 and A21 of the Intel P30 Flash and are
pulled down by default.
If only 2MB of Flash are needed leave these pins open. PF4 and PF5 can be used
as IO pins.
If 4MB are needed connect PF4 to FA20 for addressing the upper 2MB
If 8MB are needed connect PF5 to FA21 for addressing the upper 4MB
5.6.2 PINS PF4 and PF5
Can be used to extend the addressable Flash memory or as PF4 and PF5 Processor
IO pins. Please see Table 5-1 for the pin Assignment.