connection of S1D13A05 Epson device to the ADSP-BF537

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We would like to connect the S1D13A05 EPSON device
( to the ADSP-BF537
Blackfin Processor. How can I connect it? What is the best solution?


For connecting to the EPSON device, we would recommend you to refer to EE-184
"Interfacing EPSON S1D13806 memory display controller to Blackfin Processors"

This EE-Note describes the hardware and software environment necessary to
provide an interface between the EPSON S1D13806 Embedded Memory Display
Controller and the ADSP-BF535 High Performance 300 MHz, Blackfin Processor. The
External Bus Interface Unit (EBIU) on the ADSP-BF535 is used.

Please note that although this EE-Note is for the ADSP-BF535, the same concepts
apply for other Blackfin family members, since the EBIU is basically the same.