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We need following parameters for each component,
1.      M.T.B.F (Mean time between failures) at -20⁰C, +25⁰C and +50⁰C.
2.      We are following Standard “MIL-HDBK-217F” Notice1 and Notice2, for
Resistor’s Quality Factor (Pi_Q) is required, such as mentioned below:-
Class B
Class B-1
Class S
Commercial or Unknown
Use Point Valuation,

3.   Which Technology are used,
      Comp Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)
      TTL technology etc,

4)   No. of transistor/Gate use in these Components,

5)   Thermal Resistance (Theta Junction to Case temp. and Theta case to ambient
temp), for finding the MTBF.


We’ve made it easy for our customers to find reliability data for our parts on
our external website www.analog.comBy clicking on the Quality and Reliability
tab on the right side of the home page and then the Reliability Data
tab, the customer can access the reliability data along with a calculator to
determine MTTF at various temperatures and confidence levels.
For the ADSP-21489, here’s the data:
MTTF (60% CL, -20 deg C) 125021743439
MTTF (60% CL, 25 deg C) 985293044
MTTF (60% CL, 50 deg C) 119710123

For item 2, I think the reference for Resistor’s Quality Factor was meant to be
Microcircuit Quality Factor, which would be commercial.

3)            Technology node is:                            65nm CMOS
4)            Approx. Transistor Count : >50 million
5)            Thermal Resistance:                            Enter URL: (see