ADSP-21368 - WS Value

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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The top of page 3-22 of the "ADSP-21368 SHARC Processor Hardware Reference"
states that, "??t is imperative that the WS value is initialized when the
acknowledge enable bit (ACKEN) is set."  I can interpret this in one of two
ways:  1. The WS value has to already be initialized when I set the ACKEN bit,
or 2. If not already initialized, the WS value has to be initialized at the
same time that the ACKEN bit is set.  Which interpretation is correct?


Your second interpretation is correct. You have to initialize the value for WS
with the ACKEN bit (unless already WS is initialised to appropriate value).The
reason why that line might be stressed in the document is becuase the value of
WS is zero upon reset. And the min value for WS when ACKEN is enabled is 1. So
it is important to set te WS between 1-31.