ADSP-21469 questions regarding PCN 11_0097 rev C

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Additional information on the MLB pins on the ADSP-21469 rev 0.2 parts.
Our design simulations did not shown any degradation of component
functionality/ performance over time if pins left floating.
We could not show any reliability issue associated with floating pins.

ADI recommendation is to tied unused MLB pins to Ground for Rev 0.2 silicon.

Leaving the MLB pins floating could increase power consumption by +5 to +10%,
We can’t simulate what a device will do in individual applications so these
increase are estimates.

ALSO – If you wish to remain with Rev 0.0, you can do this and avoid an
immediate redesign, by ordering part # ADSP-21469KBCZ4-00. This is not a long
term solution as ADI intends to obsolete this revision (0.0) in 2016, but it
provides them more time to make this transition.