ADR366: External Capacitors

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1. According to the data sheet for the ADR366A or (B) page 1 and under
Features:  No External Capacitors Required. In Page 17, Applications (Basic
Voltage Reference Connection): “However, a 0.1 μF ceramic output capacitor is
recommended to absorb and deliver the charge as is required by a dynamic load”.
Hmmmm..? Any limits for the “charge”?
2. What happens if we don’t use the capacitors? Witch is one is important, the
input or output?


Answer 1) there is no limit on the charge, but limiting factor is the settling
time of the Device – just take care not to exceed this. ( If you do, this may
cause a saw-tooth waveform at the output. )

Answer 2). The input is not important, for a dynamic load the output one may be
required, but this will only depend on your application tests. It is quite
possible the output capacitor may not be needed at all.