Thermal Information of ADR01TUJZ-EP-R7

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Can you please provide the following information for the ADR01TUJZ-EP-R7 Part ?
1. Typical Power dissipation (Pd typ) 2. Maximum Power dissipation (Pd max) 3.
Thermal Resistance Junction to Board (Theta JB)


1, 2. ADR01 is a series type reference. So the power dissipation is calculated
by the formula: Power Dissipation = VIN * Iq + (VIN – VOUT) I_LOAD where, VIN =
Input Supply Voltage, Iq = Quiescent Current (typ and max values are provided
on the datasheet) VOUT = 5V , I_LOAD = Load Current  So the typical and maximum
dissipated power would also depend on the customer’s operating circuit. 3. Are
they asking for Psi JB or theta JB? Usually PsiJB is preferred by most
customers because it is more real world and measures the component power
flowing through multiple thermal paths rather than a single path as in thermal
resistance, ThetaJB. Psi JB for this 5-TSOT package is 43C/W. the measurement
is done as per JESD51-8 and JESD51-12. We do not have ThetaJB values.