ADP5585 interrupt (/INT pin) not asserting

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I have the ADP5585's interrupts enabled in register 0x3C and according to
register 0x01, both the OVERFLOW and EVENT interrupts have occurred (refer to

But the problem is, that the EVENT_INT line (pin 16) from the ADP5585 does not 
assert. It is constantly low, even when I test the pin on the chip by itself.
Are there any hardware requirements on the EVENT_INT line?


The EVENT interrupt is enabled and the /INT pin should assert.

There are two things to check here.

(i) Can you ensure that the /INT pin has a pull-up resistor, as it is
open-drain. A 1Kohm pull-up resistor is a good choice.

(ii) If you already have the pull-up resistor in place and it still doesn't
work correctly, can you try the sequence attached, based on your register
settings (including suggested register changes to be made).