What's the big differentiation for ADP5052 in the market?

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What’s the big differentiation for ADP5052 in the market?


Power density, scalability and flexibility are three key differentiations for
ADP5052 in the market.

High power density: ADP5052 integrates four high performance buck regulators
(4A, 4A, 1.2A, 1.2A) and one 200mA LDO in a 48-lead LFCSP package, delivering 5
rails (up to 25W output power) in relative small 588 mm^2 solution size
provides a very attractive solution.

High scalability: Channel 1 and Channel 2 in ADP5052 can be programmed to be
1.2A, 2.5A or 4A output, and different components selection can be achieved to
optimize solution size, cost and performance. Combing channel 1 and channel 2
can provide a single output with up to 8A of current, which can easily meet
higher load demand in system.

High flexibility: easy sequencing, programmable SS timer, programmable
switching frequency, synchronization input/output, FPWM or PSM operation mode
setting, programmable current limit and other features provide high flexibility
for ADP5052 applications.