ADN2830: Monitor photodiode

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Our laser diode has a monitor photo diode with 1439.554 uA for maximum laser
output power.However, your Continuous wave laser average power controller
ADN2830 accepts Monitor Photodiode currents from 50ua to 1200uA.How can I
entegrate your laser controller and my laser? Could you give me some more
information about the PSET input of the IC?


If you are using the control function (not the monitoring function) then this
is possible.

You can connect your photodiode directly to the Pset pin.
Pset is a high impedance node (like the - input or virtual ground of an op-amp).
You need to calculate a resistor value based on the formula on page 5 of the
datasheet (in the "CONTROL" section) ; your diode current x R needs to equal
1.23 volts.