ADM3251E: Gerber file EVAL-ADM3251EEBZ

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In the datasheet you say: "it is not possible to apply a heat sink to an
isolation device, the device primarily depends on heat dissipating into the PCB
through the ground pins. If the device is used at high ambient temperatures,
care should be taken to provide a thermal path from the ground pins to the PCB
ground plane".
In order to review the layout used in your evaluation board, can I have the
Gerber file for EVAL-ADM3251EEBZ which can’t be found in the user guide?


See EVAL-ADM3251EEBZ gerbers files attached.
In terms of heat dissipation, the best suggestion I have is to use the ground
plane to try and act as a heat sink for the part. There are a number of grounds
on the input, so  making sure they are well connected to the ground plane,
perhaps with many vias to the other side of the board if the plane is there is
probably the simplest option. If forced air flow is available then that is
always a good option, but it’s not common in many applications.