ADM305x differences

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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ADM3054 is specified with Vdd2 4.75 .. 5.25V. The ADM3052 and ADM3053 are
specified to 5.5V. Is there any reason for these differences?


For the isolated ADM3053 with the integrated DC-DC isoPower:
The VCC is transferred to the secondary side, and is rectified and regulated to
5 V to supply the CAN transceiver.

For the isolated ADM3052 with Integrated V+ linear regulator:
The linear regulator takes the V+ bus power (ranging between 11 V to 25 V) and
regulates this voltage to 5 V to supply the CAN transceiver.

The isolated ADM3054 does not contain an integrated voltage regulation feature.
The 4.75 V ≤ VDD2 ≤ 5.25 V range ensures correct operation of the CAN
transceiver. This has been confirmed with the part designer.