ADM2682E/ADM2687E Isolation Voltage

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What isolation voltage does the ADM2682E/87E meet?


The ADM2682E/87E provides an isolation withstand voltage of 5 kVrms per UL1577
between the two sides of the isolation barrier. This is the transient voltage
that the part can withstand for one minute, as defined by UL1577. Another
relevant rating is the maximum continuous working voltage, referring to the
highest voltage to which the insulation or the component under consideration
is, or can be, subjected when the equipment is operating under conditions of
normal use.  Over-voltages that originate outside the equipment are not taken
into account for this spec. The ADM2682E/87E continuous working voltage, VIORM
per VDE 0884, is 846Vpeak. In the context of still maintaining a 50-year
minimum lifetime, a continuous working voltage of at least 537Vpeak can be
applied as a DC or unipolar waveform, or 424Vpeak for a bipolar waveform (a
harsher condition for the insulation), per IEC60950-1-07/ CSA60950-1-07.