Inquiry on MAX Junction Temp Ratings.

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Could you please let me know the operating temp of adm13305-4 and and what is
the max Tj allowed for this part?


for ADM13305:It depends on what do you mean by the max junction temp, do you
mean the max junction temp the part can tolerate before break? Or the max
junction temp that the part will perform within the spec table?
Let't take ADM13305 for example. The Tjmax before break can be high,  the part
has storage temp of up to 150degC, which indicate the max Tj could be that.
The Tjmax to perform within the spec table is very close to 85degC.
This is based on the θJa of 206 degC/W, at max power, the part will have 5.5V
and 40uA (from the datasheet spec), that’s 0.22mW, multiply by 206 that’s rise
of 0.045degC. That means at Ta=85degC, Tj at max is at 85.045degC, at which the
part will perform within the spec.