ADM1171: Current limit device

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  1.In ADM1171 datasheet (table 1) specified parameter: "Drive Voltage,Vgate".
This value is the voltage between GATE pin and Vcc pin ?
Is it mean,that GATE pin potential relatively GND is 8 16.5=24.5V ( at
Vcc=16.5V) ?
  2.Is it matter for ADM1171 operation if Vin (16.5V) has voltage
ripple 0.5V at 52KHz ?
3.Concerning CSOUT parameter: specified that gain is 20V/V if
Vcc-SENCE=10 to 50mV and gain accuracy is 2.5%. What is the gain accuracy if
Vcc-SENCE less than 10mV ?


1) Yes, the Spec voltage is Vgate - Vcc, so if the spec is 6V and Vcc is 16V,
then the gate voltage with respect to GND is 22V.

2) If you go above the 16.5V Vcc, then we cannot guarantee any specifications.
However you will not do any damage to the device as the max voltage allowed is
20V. So it will be safe.

3) The gain accuarcy below 10mV is still good at 2.5%. However, if you look at
the spec there is also an offset specification of 1mV. As you lower the sense
voltage down, this 1mV becomes a more significant component in the error