DAC power up default state of ADM1066

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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For ADM1066, after power on, what's the DAC's output? 0V or mid-scale value?
I read the datasheet and it says DAC pin is high impedance, I am not sure what
that means for DAC output?
I hope you can help clarify.


When the DACs powers up, the default behavior is high impedance, and is
essentially just like the output driver of a digital logic chip that is in a
high impedance state in that it will not drive any circuit connected to the pin.

When the ADM1066 powers up the DACs are high impedance initially.  After the
EEPROM configuration downloads the DAC output can be changed to the user
requirements and enabled to a user set voltage, or left high impedance if