ADM1060 Power Sequencer support for USB interface

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Is there a USB programming tool for ADM1060 because parallel ports are no
longer available on PCs. USB-to-Parallel adapters don't work as ADM1060
evaluation SW can't redirect data for the ADM1060 to a virtual parallel port.
Is there no patches for the ADM1060 evaluation SW that could allow it to work
with USB?
I saw that ADM1062 is supported for USB cable. Are there any plans to support
the ADM1060 also? 


The ADM1060 does not support the USB interface and there is no plan to support
it. USB-SMBUS-CABLEZ is designed for use only with the newer parts:

The ADM1060 Evaluation Software supports Windows XP only, it does not support
any later versions of Windows such as Windows Vista or Windows 7. It supports
the parallel port to I2C dongle, CABLE-SMBUS-3PINZ, but does not support the
If you are looking for a programming solution for the ADM1060 for production
purposes, then we would strongly recommend that you look at third party
programming solutions from Data I/O and BP Microsystems who have good support
for these parts in a more production type environment.