ADL5801-EVALZ Evaluation user guide doc missing

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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No user guides are included in the eval-board kit. Nor can I find any user
guide for the ADL5801-EVALZ in the website product page. Therefore unsure of
how to power it up.


The ADL5801-EVALZ is equipped with clip leads for supply and bias pins. If you
refer to the bottom section of the board, the red clip lead labeled VPOS should
be connected to a 5V supply, the black clip lead labeled GND should be
connected to Ground and the blue clip lead labeled VSET to should be bias level
required for the application. Typically, a higher VSET level improves
linearity, and lower level improves Noise figure. I would start off with a VSET
level of 3.8V for initial evaluation. This level offers the best compromise
between linearity and noise.