Is there an expected frequency slope for the ADL5513?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Is there an expected frequency slope for the ADL5513? I have used the eval
board and this shows approx. 1.5dB positive going slope. My measurements are
from 20MHz to 1.2GHz. In my prototype design this, on occasions is ending up at
nearly 2dB of positive going slope. What is this expected slope?


The slope will vary with frequency. The intercept usually has more impact on
the variation of the output voltage. If you look at the specification page in
the datasheet, the intercept variation over the published frequency range is ~
2 dB. What that means is looking at a device at 100 MHz and at 4 GHz,  I would
expect the output voltage to vary by ~ 42 mV for a fixed power level. (given
the slope is unchanged)

It is expected the user will calibrate for slope an intercept for each
frequency they plan to operate at. (Because the slope and intercept vary with