FAQ: Will my License number work with different versions of VisualDSP?

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Q: I need to work with different versions of VisualDSP++ on the same PC. Can I use the same license or do I require additional licenses?




A: Our license serial numbers are not version specific meaning that you can use your license number in all versions of VisualDSP++ which support the architecture you are working with. Details on moving your license to a later version of VisualDSP++ can be found on page 1-6 of our Licensing Guide.


However, there is an exception to this rule as some of our old SHARC license numbers have been made obsolete in the latest versions of our tools. If you encounter any problems copying or applying your license to a new version of VisualDSP++ please contact Private Support with a copy of your license number. You can find your license number by selecting Start->All Programs->Analog Devices->VisualDSP++->Manage Licenses.


Please note that we are aware of an issue which causes only Simulator sessions to be activated when copying a license over from VisualDSP++ 3.5 to VisualDSP++ 5.0. For more details of this issue and how to rectify this problem please see the following FAQ: FAQ: I've recently upgraded to VisualDSP++ 5.0 from VisualDSP++ 3.5 or earlier. My license.dat file was copied over during installation, but only Simulator sessions are now available.