ADL5310_specs under 3.3v supply

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Our group is now considering use of the ADL5310 dual log conveter to our
system. Before applying it, we want to check the power supply specifications.

According to the data sheet, the power supply is in the range from 3 Volts to
12 Volts and performance characteristics are given basically under 5 V supply

Our system can supply only +3.3 V single line. So, we want to check how much
differences or variations in the performance characteristics would be happen
when we supply 3.3V to the ADL5310?

Only Figure 10 in the data sheet is providing indirect information for such
conditions. But it is not enough.
Would you give us some useful information ?


ADL5310 is able to work with a single 3.3V supply. You can refer to AD8304
datasheet, page 12 for the related information.
Both AD8304 and ADL5310 use the same design core and the ADN8304 test results
can be a reference of the ADL5310.

Per my understanding, even the datasheet has not much 3.3V test information,
the ADL5310 has the production test plan for 3.3V.
Customer can order one ADL5310 evaluation board to make their own 3.3V single
supply tests, especially to get the performance evaluation for the features
that  interest them.