ADL5350's S-parameter

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Do you have the s parameter of ADL5350?


We do not attempt to measure s-parameters on passive mixers. We try to include
enough examples in the datasheet so that you can tweak examples to agree with
their frequency plan. Even if we had valid s-parameters on the part I don't
believe it would make the job any easier. The passive mixer core should be
thought of as a switch. With a single-ended passive mixer the presented
impedance on the RF and IF ports at the device are changing from a low RDS
value to several kOhms as the LO signal switches the core. If we tried to
measure the RFIF impedance on a network analyzer we would end up measuring the
on resistance, off resistance, or some transition value. Any of the three would
not help you match to the RFIF nodes. The real game here is designing the
off-chip LC networks so that the RF network provides minimum reflection at the
RF frequency, and the IF port provides minimum reflection at the IF frequency.
Simultaneously we are trying to maximize port isolation and optimize conversion
loss, NF and IP3. In general we are always trying to find a reasonable
compromise between all these parameters.