ADIS16445 - Key differences between the ADXRS646 component and the ADIS16445 inertial measurement unit

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What are the key differences between the ADXRS646 component, and the ADIS16445
inertial measurement unit?


The ADIS16445 is a more system-ready device in that it provides a
fully-calibrated tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer with a SPI
digital interface. Some customers may consider building their own IMU function
(similar to the ADIS16445), using (3) ADXRS646, plus accelerometers and other
signal processing hardware. If they use the ADIS16445 instead, they will avoid
having to develop the following critical functions: an interface circuit (amp,
filter, A/D & processor/firmware), 3-D mechanical structure, supporting
assembly processes, and the calibration process, which requires capital
expenditure for environmentally-controlled, tri-axis inertial motion testing.
In addition to the functional/integration differences, the ADIS16445 provides a
significantly higher level of performance due to the additional test and