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1. For ADIS16364, it is Factory Temperature Calibrated,  so what purpose is the
temperature Sensor?
2. For ADIS16364, If I put ADIS16364 on the table in static state, the output
data is 0.1~1.5degree/sec (test condition: measure range: +/-300), is it
well-balanced? I checked ADIS16364's datasheet, the output noise is 0.9
degree/sec, so I think 1.5 degree/sec output is normal, would you agree?


1. The ADIS16364 is calibrated from -20 to +70C.  The temperature sensor can
provide a rough measurement of temperature for other purposes in a system.  Not
intended for super accurate requirements but it may be useful.  It was already
available, so we decided to make it available to the user in a register.

2.  The noise you are seeing is normal.  You can lower it by using the
filtering in the Configuration/Operation menu.  The offset can be handled by
using the Precision Auto Null function inside the Calibration menu in the
evaluation software.  We have observed the overall bias shifting as high as 2-3
deg/sec when a device is exposed to pressure, large temperature changes, etc
(such as shipping) but the Precision Auto Null takes care of that.  In this
case, the single-temp adjustment from the Precision Auto Null preserves the
entire factory calibration.