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When I start the program “Vibration_Evaluation_1_1_6” (after #sensor1 is
connected) and push the “Start” button then a pop-up window appears and stays


What kind of supply are you using for the remote sensor/ 16229?
Is it a battery powered  or powered by a steady regulated voltage? I can see a
problem if you are not using the right battery. 3.6V Lithium ion chloride
battery is recommended. It looks like during the communication either the
communication is disrupted either due to a weak antenna link or by a dropping
power supply.

Can you check these two settings?

1. Power cycle ADIS16000 and  power down ADIS16229. When the user application
is invoked, It will result in an error message that the sensor is not connected
as 16229 is turned off. At this point, can the you find out  the contents of
SCRATCH_D register in page 0. The contents of page 1 should all read 0 at this

Can you read the contents of TX_PWR_CTRL_G in page 0 and the contents of
TX_PWR_CTRL_S in page 1 when the sensor is connected?