Should pin 8 and 10 of ADIS16203 grounded

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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From the datasheet, pin 8 and 10 are used for ADC/DAC auxiliary function and
should be connected to GND for proper operation as the following shown.
But in the document of “Inclinometer/Accelerometer Evaluation
Board--ADIS1620x/PCB”, these pins are not connected. As I known, pin 8 and pin
10 of ADIS16209 are NC. Whether or not it will be ok if leaving these pins
unconnected on ADIS16203. Or the following figure1 just gives a common
evaluation schematic on ADIS1620x and actually pin 8 and 10 on ADIS16203
evaluation board are connected to GND.


We suggest that customers ground these pins, but have confirmed that they can
be floating as well.