ADG734: Usage without supplies

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I've a short question concerning the analog switch ADG734 (SPDT) :

This analog switch should be a replacement for a relay.
Therefore I'd like to know what happens when the supply voltage of the ADG 734
is cut off. Does it act like a relay and the switch remains in itsreset
position (e.g. D1 is connected to S1A) or is there no connection until the
supply voltage is again at Vdd ?


The analog switch..ADG734 cannot tolerate signals outside of it's supply...see
the absolute max rating section in the datasheet, when the supply voltage is
off, you must ensure that you do not have any logic or signal voltages present.
Therefore , you cannot use the ADG734 when the supply is off.

You may be able to use one of our channel protectors - ADG465 or ADG467 - which
can tolerate signals when the supply is off, i.e remain open circuit when the
supply is off, and have an Ron resistance when the supply is present.