ADG5436_unbalance power supply

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Can I  use SPDT switches to generate a -40V to 0V logic signal. So he needs a
unbalanced power supplies. For example Vss=-40V, Vcc=7V. However, I think it
will exceeds the power supply range of ADG5436. I am not quite sure whether
ADG5436 or any other part can support that application.
I asked the customer to do some test on it.


The absolute maximum ratings of this device is 48V for Vdd to Vss. This is a
stress rating only and is not recommended for normal operation.
The max recommended operational voltage is approx 40V (36V+10%) This is what we
guarantee in the specification tables.

In the features section on the front page we state the part operation is:
+/-9V to +/-22V dual supply
+9V to 40V single supply

We have Ron plots at Vdd = 9V and it is around this point where the internal
Vcc generator will switch off.

The only way you can reliably do this is to shift everything down:
Vdd = 0V, Vss = -40V, Gnd = -10V
Logic must be referenced to gnd so should go from -10v to -5V