ADG508AKN: Robustness

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Our customer uses the above mentioned device instaed of the MAX378CPE.
After 10 minutes the AGD makes some crazy things. He confuses
the signals in a way which is not reconstructable. Do you have
an explanation for this behavior or do you have an app.-note?


Our direct equivalent to the maxim part MAX378CPE is our ADG508FBN or our
ADG438FBN. All of these parts are fault protected  and therefore can withstand
quiet high voltages when the supply is off and also can withstand signals
outside the supplies.
The ADG508AKN is not fault protected. For normal operation of the ADG508AKN,
the analog i/p range is limited to the supplies, with the absolute max. ratings
equal to 2V outside the supplies or 20mA whichever occurs first.

So, essentially, you cannot replace the MAX378CPE with the ADG508AKN  in an
application that expects the robustness of the MAX378CPE, you need to use the
ADG508FBN or our ADG438FBN.